addClass, removeClass and hasClass without jQuery

Class manipulation methods in jQuery are really handy, but when you need just them and nothing else out of jQuery, then using entire library seems like a little bit mistake. Using own versions of addClass, removeClass and hasClass sounds like a better idea and for this reason I have wrote following article, where you’ll find an example implementation of these methods.

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Incorrect music or audiobook order in MP3 player

You may notice, that many MP3 players (both Windows programs — not tested on other OSs — as good as external hardwares) are making their file lists in some strange order. This may not be a big deal, when talking about music (though, when listening to a particular album, you may get yourself pissed-off as well), but became a really pain in the ass, if we’re talking about audiobooks.

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Get rid of ID3v2 tag from many files at once using Winamp

If you’re an “old-school” MP3 user, and ID3 Tag version 1 data is all you need to get happy, you may find a shit stick to version 2 of ID3 Tag a little bit annoying. If it is so, then the big question is, how to quickly get rid of ID3v2 data for many files? Many programs are allowing to do a massive ID3 tags (both versions) change/edit, but there aren’t many of them that allows to delete particular tag version out of many files massively. And here comes my little trick.

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Disable refreshing of removable drive contents in Total Commander

When CD or DVD is ejected from drive, Total Commander “resets” contents of the pane to nearest available drive (usually C:). It is normal and obvious because contents of CD or DVD are no longer available. But, the same thing happens even if Total Commander is in background. This might be seen as an annoying feature, because each time you change CD or DVD in drive, you have to manually again select that drive in Total Commander. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for this.

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Can’t pin folders to my Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar

When you right-click Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar in Windows 7, you can see list of recent items (i.e. recently opened folders) with an option to pin some of them permanently. On some Windows 7 systems user may experience issues with recent items and pinned entries list not being displayed, missing or cleared without reason. New items cannot be added to these lists.

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Modify CGridView look

The CGridView class in Yii is a state of art solution, that gives you out-of-the-box full model browsing features including filtering, pagination and sorting. The picture would be perfect, if not for default look of grid view, which is a little bit “nasty”! :> It is understandable, as Yii author focused himself on delivering perfectly working framework, that does not necessary have to be pretty in the same time.

However, basing on famous flexibility of all components in Yii, with a help of few simple steps, you can completely change the look & feel of your grid view.

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Understanding… series of articles for Yii 1.1

Suppose, you place your self somewhere in the middle of Yii 1.1 experience ladder. You’re no longer new to Yii 1.1, but you’re not an experienced Yii developer in the same time. In this case, I strongly encourage you to spare half an hour or so on reading articles in Yii Wiki, that are grouped in this table-of-contents article. These articles contains a lot of useful information, a must-know for all experienced Yii developers, that are mostly not know to those with middle experience

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Dropdown must use both onChange and onKeyPress events

Bear in mind that when writing JavaScript / jQuery code for handling user changes made to dropdown boxes, you must program your website reaction not only to onChange but also to onKeyPress events. Why? There is a rare situation, where user selects value by clicking dropdown and then using keyboard’s cursor up or cursor down keys. onKeyPress event will be fired in this situation instead of onChange event. And desired effect won’t work, if you put it only to onChange event handler.

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Populate record

You can use CActiveRecord::populateRecord method in Yii to create new record basing on existing one. And, as this descriptions means, you must use it like that:

[code language=”php”]
$data = $this->getUser($id);
$model = new Users;
$model = $model->populateRecord($data, FALSE);

instead of (last line):

[code language=”php”]
$model->populateRecord($data, FALSE);

because populateRecord creates new model instead of modifying existing one!

Forcing default encoding on all files in Netbeans

A default file encoding for every file in Netbeans is defined at project level — see Project Properties dialog, Sources category. But there’s nothing similar (possible) for particular files without a project. If you’re using Netbeans just as an editor then all files opened from outside any project will be scrambled, because Netbeans is not using UTF-8 encoding by default on all files.

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Synchronize directories in Total Commander ignoring certain files

The Synchronize directories tool in Total Commander is magnificent and I’m using it very often for all my backup-like and sync-like works. The only thing, that I was missing is an ability to ignore hidden system files or files stored in .svn or .git folders, i.e. hidden version control files. So, I wrote to Total Commander’s author and received immediate response, that this is possible.

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Correct wallpaper dimensions for different Android-based devices

Even prettiest wallpapers looks pretty ugly when stretched by Android to fit different device screen size. Either used algorithm is poor or I have too high expectations, but most of my Windows wallpapers look like a real crap, when copied to Android and used there as that system wallpaper. Some idea is to prepare own set of wallpapers, especially fit to your device screen size. For this purpose it is good to know, how to calculate it.

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Where is PHP on QNAP?

Well.. at least on my QNAP TS-210 it is in:

[code language=”shell”]

You can validate this by executing:

[code language=”shell”]
/mnt/ext/opt/apache/bin/php –version

Which should show version PHP installed on your QNAP box.