An app-like full screen layout in CSS

Usually mobile applications have a header and a footer, both of a fixed height, and remaining body, that fills the rest and contains entire application content. No matter if main application content is long enough to produce vertical scrollbar or not, header and footer are always visible and always have fixed height.

A layout like this can be build in pure CSS and HTML. Thus it is useful for PhoneGap applications developers.

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Too long URLs in Apache

It turned out that in current version of Apache you’re limited to 255 characters at most between each pair od slashes (after URL decoding is done). This short article discusses this issue and maybe useful to all developers, who are dealing with “beauty” (SEO-optimized) URLs, like for example URLs to blog posts containing entire title inside.

This is a rare situation (255 characters limit between slashes, not for the entire URL), but still worth exploring.

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Hot areas on your website

Today I have came across Piotr Konieczny’s presentation on Google SEO Hacking and I found page 60 out of it quite very interesting. It includes map of ho areas of your website, that is places, where your visitor’s eyes are placed at first and where they stays the longest period of time.

It is taken form Google and is made purely for SEO, but you can also use it to enhance design of your website, i.e. put the most important elements of your layout there, where they will be found fast and for sure.

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Normalize.css. A modern alternative to CSS resets

Nearly every webdeveloper knows, what CSS reset is. Basically, this is a carefully crafted CSS file that makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. In other words, they try to make your page look similar in all browsers. Today, I came across Normalize.css, a project by Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, and wanted to share my thoughts.

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Scanning all incoming traffic. Proper use of tcpdump

I had to do some strange listening stuff with even more strange Chineese GPS locator, that was weird enough to use UDP protocol only. Since there was absolutely no technical guide for these devices (at least, when I was looking for them), I had to listen for everything on every port of my local server to see, what this damn box is actually sending.

Since I’m kind of Linux newbie, I asked this Unix & Linux question and got answer enough worth for me, that I decided to put some summary of them to my own blog.

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Things for which I trully hate PHP and its creators

PHP is the most popular programming language for development of webpages and web services. With addition of a good framework it can even produce a professional results. However, this does not change the fact, that it is also the most shitty programming language in the world, full of garbage and with number of stupidities beyond imagination. And professional programming (without a good framework) is impossible.

Even though this is a language of my choice (only after cleaning it from all the shit, by using a good framework), I decided to write this article, where I’m pointing out most annoying and stupid things, I ever found in PHP.

Notice, that I’m not talking here about things that some may see as wrong, while other will see as good. For example, I’m not talking about types auto-declaration and auto-change, which ones (mostly newbies) takes as ease of coding and others (mostly profs) as source of mess.

I’m talking here only about pure madness, confirmed piece of shit and horrible pain in the ass, this language is.

Please, take also into consideration that this text was written under strong emotional influence and thus it (intentionally!) contains a lot of harsh language and words or phrases that some readers may not accept.

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Get rid of Police-blocked computer or other type of ransomware

Your computer has been blocked by a police due to serious crimes you did and the only way to unblock it is to pay a ransom? Even a complete moron should understand that real police (or any other legal, law-oriented forces) has nothing to do with it. Here, you’ll find, why and most important — how to get rid of this problem, without loosing your data (in most cases).

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Some SQLite Rowid Issues

Rowid is a special, hidden column added to each SQLite database table (and to many more RDBMSes), which uniquely refer to a row. But, there are some things about rowid, that some people may not be aware of.

I know, that for some this could be a trivial. But it was not so obvious to me and since this is my blog, I can decide, what will be published here, right? :]

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screen: Force program to continue after logging-off from the console

So, there I was… needing to have any solution, that will allows me to write my very own port listener. Since the only language, in which I am handy is PHP, I was forced to be able to run PHP script without interruption, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That was a bit of challenge for me, given my quite very limited Linux knowledge, but — as they say — the only thing not possible in IT is to open an umbrella in your ass! :>

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