Running Office 365 apps in Safe Mode

There’s a handy Safe Mode for all Office 365 offline apps (and probably for older version of Office as well) that you can use to start any Office app without any add-ins and many other things (like themes, animations, etc.) turned off or disabled. Very handy for diagnosing possible problems with some Office app.

To enable it, simply hold Ctrl key when launching any of Office app. When you see app’s button in the taskbar, release the Ctrl key, click that button and answer Yes in the dialog window that appears:

That would be pretty much all.

Block all traffic from Russia to coming your site

Whether you want to say “no!” to Putin’s war or you just want to block Russian hackers from attacking your website, the solution is as easy as:

  1. Connect to your website via FTP and download current version for .htaccess file from there
  2. Make a copy of this file, just in case…
  3. Go to Country IP Blocks website
  4. Search for Russian Federation and check the checkbox next to it
  5. Scroll the page all the way up and make sure that Apache .htaccess Deny is selected
  6. Click Create ACL button and copy all the content from ACL Results list that will appear
  7. Paste it at the end of your .htaccess file and save the file
  8. Upload it back to your website via FTP overwriting the existing file

Sure, this is not the ultimate solution. Use of proxy servers, Tor networks, botnets and other techniques for spoofing actual IP address will get them through your “so called firewall”. Also, IP address assigmnets changes often, so Country IP Blocks database might already be out-dated (if fact, it is). But, hey!, it’s always something. As good for the start as anything else. And surely better than doing nothing.

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