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I started coding even before getting my first computer, when I was thirteen. It was back in 1992 AC or 12 BF (Before Facebook! :>). When I managed to manipulate my parents enough to get unrevocable promise, that I’m going to get Commodore 64 (about two months before Christmas), I have immediately setup a series of meeting with my colleague (who already had “the computer”) and started learning C64’s BASIC.

I have been coding without any breaks ever since then. I went through that BASIC, AMOS on Amiga, Basic 2.0 and Visual Basic on PC, then through Delphi and finally landed in coding webservices using PHP enriched by powerful Yii2 framework and mobile applications using PhoneGap. Even though I’m a little bit tired right know of constant, every day coding, and switching my career a little bit, I still find it really amusing to write a piece of code from time to time.

So, I’m a computer developer with 23+ (2015) years of experience. But I’m also a computer geek with the same amount of experience and this blog of course isn’t only about programming. You’ll find here also a bit about hardware, mobile devices and their mobile operating systems, some thoughts on Linux and Linux-based devices and finally — a bit about Google and Microsoft stuff.

Thank you for spending your time on reading my stuff! I hope you enjoyed this.


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