I started coding even before getting my first computer. It was back in 1992 A.D. (or 12 B.F.; Before Facebook! :>). I was thirteen, still believing in Santa Clause and its magic. So, I started learning C64’s BASIC two months before Christmas.

I went through BASIC, AMOS on Amiga, Basic 2.0 and Visual Basic on PC, Delphi, PHP, ASP, Javascript and landed in mobile application’s development using PhoneGap.

My career as a developer ended in 2015, so pure coding knowledge of this blog can be little bit outdated. But, since I didn’t left IT, becoming business analyst and product manager. And since back in 2015 this blog already had quite an impressing audience. So, I decided to not shut it down, but rather extend it into some wider, less coding, more general IT areas.

Thank you for spending your time on reading my stuff! I hope you enjoyed this. Author