Use your custom TTF font cross-browser

I had some troubles with Font Awesome library and found solution for them in this Stack Overflow answer.

It also contains links to on-line services for converting .ttf files (officially supported in CSS3 only) to .eot, .svg and optionally to .woff, to make your TTF font supported in a large variety of web browsers:

After conversion use CSS styles as in mentioned answer to get all things working together.

TortoiseGit asking for password on password-less login setup

After months of uninterrupted password-less work, my TortoiseGit started to ask me for a password on some of my remotes, when pushing / pulling. I’m seeking a solution to fix this, as this can drive me crazy. I haven’t found a good fix so far, so don’t treat this article as an ultimate solution. Nevertheless, you can get a quick check-list out of this text to see, what I’ve managed to find out so far.

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Git did not exit cleanly (exit code 128)

Probably the most popular error in TortoiseGit is:

git did not exit cleanly (exit code 128)

And all, it tells you, is that something was wrong when calling git.exe internally.

Right… That’s pretty not much, don’t you think?

Well, this StackOverflow question may help you, at least in certain situations. It has 14 answers (from dumbest, like not updating program to newest version) to quite interesting one. This could be a good starting point, before looking somewhere else.

Google Drive for Windows does not sync anything

I had a problem on my Windows 7 x64, that Google Drive for PC was was not syncing anything, when these two factors occurred:

  • a default setting of Automatically detect proxy settings was checked,
  • local Google Drive folder was set in root of a disk (i.e. D:).

Changing Automatically detect proxy settings to Direct connection and moving local Google Drive folder to C:\Google Drive solved problem and files started to sync immediately.

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Add sounds and speach to your website or application

Most websites are developed without sounds and if there are any sounds inside then they’re most likely coming from some videos and they’re not single click-like or notification-like sounds, known very well from desktop applications. The same goes for many mobile application, as sounds are mostly found in mobile games.

But, if you do need something like click sound, tick sound or any notification-like short sound, then this article lists some most famous, yet free sites, from where you can get as many such sounds as you need.

No code here, sorry! Refer to other sources on how to embed sound within website or mobile application.

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