Understanding… series of articles for Yii 1.1

Suppose, you place your self somewhere in the middle of Yii 1.1 experience ladder. You’re no longer new to Yii 1.1, but you’re not an experienced Yii developer in the same time. In this case, I strongly encourage you to spare half an hour or so on reading articles in Yii Wiki, that are grouped in this table-of-contents article. These articles contains a lot of useful information, a must-know for all experienced Yii developers, that are mostly not know to those with middle experience

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Dropdown must use both onChange and onKeyPress events

Bear in mind that when writing JavaScript / jQuery code for handling user changes made to dropdown boxes, you must program your website reaction not only to onChange but also to onKeyPress events. Why? There is a rare situation, where user selects value by clicking dropdown and then using keyboard’s cursor up or cursor down keys. onKeyPress event will be fired in this situation instead of onChange event. And desired effect won’t work, if you put it only to onChange event handler.

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Populate record

You can use CActiveRecord::populateRecord method in Yii to create new record basing on existing one. And, as this descriptions means, you must use it like that:

[code language=”php”]
$data = $this->getUser($id);
$model = new Users;
$model = $model->populateRecord($data, FALSE);

instead of (last line):

[code language=”php”]
$model->populateRecord($data, FALSE);

because populateRecord creates new model instead of modifying existing one!