Using PHP and Oracle database

I was working on bigger project using PHP (Yii) and Oracle database (through PDO and Yii). This isn’t a very common combination and many developers thinks, that writing PHP application to use Oracle database is a pure madness, mostly due to many strange behaviors and nasty bugs, that are present in PDO driver for Oracle. I can actually confirm this. Following article contains links to my Yii forum discussions on various aspects of using Oracle with Yii and PHP. You may find it useful, if you’re struggling with any problem.

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Lorem ipsum is gone

If you already don’t know, what Lorem ipsum is, then let me tell you, that it is a non-sense text, incorrectly said to be based on Latin or Greek, used by web developers to fill-up some textual parts of webpage. Mainly to show end-user a placeholder, where a real text finally appear. Instead of for example writing some real article to fill-up example article body, they eager to use this text.

If you don’t like Lorem ipsum of would like to have some replacements for it, then this article may help.

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addClass, removeClass and hasClass without jQuery

Class manipulation methods in jQuery are really handy, but when you need just them and nothing else out of jQuery, then using entire library seems like a little bit mistake. Using own versions of addClass, removeClass and hasClass sounds like a better idea and for this reason I have wrote following article, where you’ll find an example implementation of these methods.

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