Changing keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint… costs (40) 150 USD! [updated]

When you go to Options for changing Ribbon settings, in your Word 2007 or Word 2010, you can see a small button at the bottom of button list letting you to change keyboard shortcuts for most areas of you text editor. When you go to exactly the same place in your PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 you my (surprisingly?) notice, that there is no such thing. Googling around the web let’s you discover that this is… normal situation!

2023 Update: It is still a normal situation for Microsoft. Only this time you have to pay 150 USD per year (!) to gain the ability of changing keyboard shortcuts (that is: the most basic feature of every software)!

Even Microsoft admits that:

To assign custom keyboard shortcuts to menu items, recorded macros, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code in Office PowerPoint 2007, you must use a third-party add-in, such as Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint, which is available from OfficeOne Add-Ins for PowerPoint.

I simply can’t believe in this! How can this happen that some company releases a package of programs, where changing shortcuts in one of its programs requires a standard interaction through user interface and in second one you need to use an external program?

This is not all! This will… cost you a forty bucks (!!!), if you decide to use it longer than 30-day trial period!

Madness! This can only happen in America!

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