Purge Windows of private data when disk formatting is not an option

When I was hired by my previous employer, I was allowed to use office computer partially for private purposes, i.e. I was allowed to install Dropbox and use Google Chrome with my private account to sync all bookmarks and use password manager.

When I left this employer, to my surprise, I was refused to format system disk. And so, I have come with this short checklist or memo-like article of which steps should be undertaken or considered in similar situation.

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Fresh XAMPP installation — a step-by-step guide

This is more like my private memo, to have a clean check-list of steps I usually undertake, when installing fresh XAMPP for Windows installation. Most steps aren’t unique to my environment, so this article can also help others, that are stuck at some point. Note, that this is purely development environment-oriented installation guide, as XAMPP is not meant to be used as production server.

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Relative file paths and migrations in Yii1

Watch out for relative file paths. When using them in any action, files lands in a folder (from that relative path) in root directory folder (where they’re is expected, at least according to me). But, when you use the very same path in a migration, then files will land in a folder in protected folder. I have just found this to my surprise.

To “fix” this, you need to add:


in front of your relative path (which makes it no longer relative, though).

Details on Yii forum.

Copy remote files with copy() function

Seven years old comment in PHP manual, which still shines like a real gem! You can use copy() function to easily (one-liner!) copy remote files, without doing messy fopen() stuff:

    $errors = error_get_last();
    echo "COPY ERROR: ".$errors['type'];
    echo "<br />\n".$errors['message'];
else echo "File copied from remote!";

steve a h, whoever you’re or were, I salute you!

Private repository with public issues on GitHub

On contrary to BitBucket, GitHub does not allow you to have private repository with public issues. But, you can setup a two different repositories — private for code hosting and public for issues (read more in GitHub Help). And, what is most important and what not everyone knows — GitHub’s commit message’s grammar parsing is powerful enough to handle crossed commits.

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Navigating through selected text instances in Sublime Text 3

Ryan Urie‘s answer on StackOverflow has finally solved my little, but annoying struggle with Sublime Text 3’s key bindings (keyboard shortcuts) for navigating through all instances of currently selected text.

But that wasn’t enough for me! :>

Since ST3 is sometimes used by non-developers then these people my not catch up, how extremely important (to developer) is to be able to select addForeignKey method for example and to navigate through every existing instance of the same method call in entire file with simple keyboard shortcuts. This problem isn’t covered by default setting of Sublime Text 3 keyboard shortcuts and I had to deal with this myself.

Here is the ultimate solution to this problem. Quick and easy, as everything in Sublime Text.

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Multi-column CListView

CListView widget is a great piece of code for quickly rendering lists of items that:

  • are based on your own provided view for each item (and thus let you customize final view in nearly every aspect) and
  • are providing fully functional paginator in the same time.

However, they lack support for rendering items in more than one column. This article shows one of many workarounds to fix this problem.

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Re-activate previously activated Windows, which suddenly became not activated

If your installed, configured and activated Windows 7 suddenly becomes not activated again, after weeks or months of normal work, first thing you should do, before hanging hours on Microsoft support phone line, is to attempt to activate (re-activate?) it again. This post should help a little bit.

Note that I’m covering only a legal ways here, assuming that you have your valid, legal product key.

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