Logging user to LDAP directory under Yii

On certain systems and LDAP configurations you are required to use two-step login approach. It goes like this:

  1. Bind anonymously, by specifying only $bind = @ldap_bind($connection);.
  2. ldap_search for a given username. Search will return you a valid user’s DN (or NULL, if user does not exist).
  3. Using returned LDAP call another ldap_bind, this time attempting to actually login user.

Thus, in this approach you are not constructing your own DN, but relying on returned one instead.

List of all countries in the world, split by continent

Here is the list of 197 countries in the world, split by five continents, put as simple, not formatted list (for future use as data for some form or selection) and as HTML code.

Note, that this list contains only “full featured” countries, without any dependent territories, special municipalities, incorporated territories etc. So, you won’t find here many of the Oceania’s or Antarctic islands. Also very small, Caribbean-based dependent territories are not listed here.

Note also, that this list contains both North America’s and South’s America’s contries put together.

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Downloading large files with PHP

First define, what do you mean, by “large” and “huge”? In this post I present the quickest solution of using file chunking. It works fine (tested!) for files of size up to 2 GB. If this is enough for you, fine — go ahead. If you need to download something bigger, consider using mod-xsendfile (only on Apache — more here and here).

Chunking files is the fastest / simplest method in PHP, if you can’t or don’t want to make use of something a bit more professional like cURL, mod-xsendfile on Apache or some dedicated script.

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BitBucket vs. GitHub — VCS and repo management tools compare

I decided to migrate from GitHub to BitBucket purely for economic reasons.

On GitHub I can’t have any private repository in my free account. I have to pay for every non-open source project that I host there. On BitBucket I can have unlimited number of private repos and I’m only paying for users, that has access to each of my repository (first five users are free).

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Please rebase the change locally and upload again for review

You’ve passed all the way of flames, blood and pain, through Gerrit, you done reviewing a change and you’re ready to click Review and Publish button. You hit it and Gerrit hits you with: Project policy requires all submissions to be a fast-forward. Please rebase the change locally and upload again for review. How, the hell this happend and how to handle this?

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Setup local FTP server on Windows as quickly as possible

If you ever need to setup a FTP server on your Windows machine, with minimum effort, settings, switches and work, consider using Baby FTP Server. It is really the quickest solution, that I found, for setting up local, one-time use, FTP server.

The only scratch is, that it does not support user accounts and operates on anonymous access only. But, hey! You were asking about quickest solution, right?

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