Sending executable file through Gmail in Windows

For obvious security reasons, Google will do anything that is in their power to stop you from sending .exe, .apk and other executable files as email messages’ attachments. But, sometimes it is very needed to send such file (in a completely legitimate scenarios). And doing so in Gmail becomes a serious task.

This is, because simple encrypting (password-protecting) such files isn’t enough right now. Since password-protected files encrypts their content only and thus list of attached files is available. Gmail can scan such file and learn that you’re trying to send an executable file even without knowing the password.

Simple extension rename: .exe –> .nothing also doesn’t work today. Google is somehow able to check mime-type of files attached in encrypted archives and doesn’t rely on file extensions anymore.

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Start Office 365 apps with a document

Office 365 off-line apps brings new start-up behavior of showing a summary screen instead of starting with an empty document open. If you like the “old” behavior then there’s a very easy way to achieve this:

  1. Open Word / Excel / Power Point
  2. Go to OptionsGeneralStart up options
  3. Uncheck the Show the Start screen when this application starts item
  4. Click OK to confirm

Restart app to see the effect.

Full-screen vertically and horizontally centered text in CSS

This is as easily as adding one single div:

<div class="css-vh-center">
    Hello World <br />
    Hello World <br />
    Hello World <br />

and styling it properly:

.css-vh-center {
    position: fixed; /* or absolute */
    top: 50%;
    left: 50%;
    /* bring your own prefixes */
    transform: translate(-50%, -50%);

All the glory goes to this Stack Overflow answer.

Note that this is not using flex-box solution (see the above linked answer for details), so should work even in older pre-IE8 browsers.

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Disable “Pick up where you left off” in Word

The “Pick up where you left off” is one of the worst features that Microsoft added to Word, because it prevents you from quickly opening and searching the document. With this feature enabled, now you have to wait approx. 3-5 seconds after you open any document and before you can hit Ctrl+F.

Disabling this feature is fairly easy, but — because this is Microsoft — again involves messing up with the Windows Registry, so you need administrator account in order to perform these steps.

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