Setting up new project in Gerrit

Because Gerrit is evil and wrong (see here for details), even such simple task,like creating a new project, requires a separate document and todo list.

Also, keep in mind, that you can’t delete a project through web GUI of Gerrit. This is most wanted and requested feature of this dully project management tool, but still hasn’t been implemented for years.

So, create your new project wisely, because you won’t be able to delete them, without playing around console, installing some third-party plugins or doing stupidities similar to this.

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Why Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35 is a wrong choice?

When I decided to purchase a new digital camera, I nearly immediately felt in love with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35. Mainly because its 20x optical zoom in a piece of hardware available for a reasonable price. I have purchased it and… nearly immediately returned it to the shop. I found some glitches. Not many, but serious enough to make shooting a photos with this device nearly pointless.

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PhoneGap Audiobook Player. An abandoned project

I’m a an audiobook maniac. Listening to audiobooks requires MP3 player to have a special feature, which remembers last file/track played in a folder and last position within that file, for all folders, not just current one. This allows to listen to many audiobooks simultaneously, just as you’d be making bookmarks to a regular, printed book. All MP3 player, that I tested so far, hasn’t got than feature. Once you switched from folder/book A to folder/book B and then back to A, book/folder A was “reset” and play started from the very beginning. In this situation, I decided to write my own audiobook player in PhoneGap and release it as open source. Pity, but I failed to finish this project. Thus, I’m publishing only an unfinished sources and links to resources.

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