Using AJAX head-type requests to check size of remote scripts

Checking size for inline scripts is as easy as document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0].text.length (solution taken from here). But, when it comes to measuring size of remote resources things gets a little bit complicated. Mostly due to cross-site restrictions and reducing unnecessary server load. Head-type of AJAX call, not so famous among developers, may help in this case.

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Free hosting for ASP

You can find a lot of free hostings for PHP and MySQL, but not that much for ASP and MS Access. In addition to being free, these hostings also offer absolutely not ads, neither on your websites nor in sent e-mails:

100 MB might seem to be very low among nowadays offers (counted in GB or even not limited in space). But since you get: ASP Support, MS Access database and ISS 6 (on Windows 2003), absolutely free for lifetime with 100% no ads, then I think it would be hard to find similar offer with higher storage.

Configuring NAT, DMZ or Virtual Servers on ASMAX AR1004g

This is a very short brief on how to properly setup NAT functions on ASMAX AR1004g router, i.e. how to route all (or part of) incoming traffic to a specific machine in your local network. In this text, I assume that your router is available under static IP address in your local network and you want to route all traffic using FTP protocol to your video-player, available under and all traffic using HTTP to another computer, that is accessible under static IP address in your local network. Adjust this assumption to your actual situation. Read More “Configuring NAT, DMZ or Virtual Servers on ASMAX AR1004g”

Five major software development rules

To all those, who just don’t get it!

  1. DRY = Don’t Repeat Yourself!
  2. KiSS = Keep it Simple, Stupid!
  3. You ain’t gonna need this!
  4. Premature optimization is the beginning of all hell!
  5. Copy-paste is time waste!

Never, ever forget about these five, if you’re developing anything.