Understanding… series of articles for Yii 1.1

Suppose, you place your self somewhere in the middle of Yii 1.1 experience ladder. You’re no longer new to Yii 1.1, but you’re not an experienced Yii developer in the same time. In this case, I strongly encourage you to spare half an hour or so on reading articles in Yii Wiki, that are grouped in this table-of-contents article. These articles contains a lot of useful information, a must-know for all experienced Yii developers, that are mostly not know to those with middle experience

Understanding…” series of articles includes:

  • virtual attributes, getters, setters etc.,
  • autoloader, helper classes and functions,
  • role-based access control (RBAC),
  • rendering flow used by Yii,
  • building correct validation rules based on safe attributes,
  • understanding assets in Yii,
  • scenarios for active model.

As I said previously, for me these articles and areas of expertise are must-know to name yourself an experienced Yii developer.

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