Adding tags to git repository

This is just a quick memo to remember how to add tags to repositories.

For exiting commit:

  • List all commits: git log --pretty=oneline
  • Pick the one you wish to tag (first seven letters of the has are enough), i.e.: 32c274c
  • Add a tag: git tag -a 0.1.0 32c274c -m "First version before general refactor"

For latest commit: git tag -a 1.4.5 -m "My version 1.4.5".

Tags are always added to local repository and never pushed to remote by default. You have to explicitly tell git to do so. For example, by executing git push --tags.

More info in Git Basics – Tagging and Managing releases in a repository.

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Convert HEIC images into JPG or PNG [updated]

In the original version this article was discussing how to load HEIC files in IrfanView under Windows 11. In order to convert them to a bit more natural, a bit less Apple formats like .png.

Previously I was doing such conversion on my PC using CopyTrans HEIC Codec. At the beginning of 2024 however, CopyTrans’ management hit their heads really hard and figured out that it will be so cool to start distributing their software in the way that it leaves an unbelievable mess on user’s computer (including creating icons and shortcuts everywhere, adding dozens of right-click menu items and even creating some fake disk available in This PC window).

Seeing this, I did the only thing I could do. I have flushed CopyTrans crap in the toilet and started using fabulous Convertio — HEIC Converter. Now, I am doing all the HEIC → JPEG conversion in the cloud.

Hit the button below, if you however wish to do such conversion the old-skull way, on your PC, with having fun of installing all the crap that CopyTrans HEIC Codec brings together with it.

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