Disable refreshing of removable drive contents in Total Commander

When CD or DVD is ejected from drive, Total Commander “resets” contents of the pane to nearest available drive (usually C:). It is normal and obvious because contents of CD or DVD are no longer available. But, the same thing happens even if Total Commander is in background. This might be seen as an annoying feature, because each time you change CD or DVD in drive, you have to manually again select that drive in Total Commander. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for this.

Described situation happens when Total Commander receives Windows notification “medium removed”. If you don’t like this, you can tell Total Commander to ignore this message. Please add DeviceChange=0 string to wincmd.ini file, to [Configuration] section.

Keep in mind, that this will force Total Commander to not show or refresh contents of USB sticks. And you will be forced to press F2 or Ctrl+R to force a manual refresh.

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