Redirect from post to an external URL

Why would you like to redirect a page’s visitor to an external URL instead of presenting post content?

Well, they may be a dozens of reasons. I found one. I was building a simple product showcase page with cool image scroller based on WordPress and Modest theme from Elegant Themes. Since image scroller contained not only image, but also title and two line entry, it was based on actual posts.

I wanted my users to see these texts, but to not be able to access posts itself. Because there was nothing more than just this image, title and two-line description. That’s why I used URL redirection.

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Quick mobile UI review

Here is a quick review of some mobile UIs that you can use to develop your mobile application, if you’re developing HTML-like mobile apps.

Note that I don’t like jQuery Mobile for being ugly and slow and I don’t like paid full-featured stuff like Sencha or Kendo. You won’t find them here. I like fast and beauty mobile apps (possibly written in PhoneGap).

So you will find performance-first, beauty-second UI frameworks here. With special emphasis on being PhoneGap-oriented. Only quick review without any unnecessary blah-blah.

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