Transfer private MP3 files from PC to iPhone SE 2020

It is not possible to simply copy files from PC to iPhone, over a cable. If you connect your iPhone (or probably any other Apple mobile device) to your PC, you will be only able to access “DCIM” folder and your photos or maybe videos. No way to copy MP3 music or audiobooks.

Using iTunes to achieve above was the simplest and preferred way in my case though this wasn’t as easy process as I expected. And that’s why I decided to wrote this article to let you avoid some bottlenecks.

If you’re looking for some other options or ways, like some non-iTunes way, this is also briefly discussed here.

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Compare of some family-like or child-control solutions

Having kids in these digital days may become a challenge. Especially, if you wish your sibling to get their hands on their first device — either a PC, Mac or some mobile stuff. Challenging, because soon you’ll discover how much you don’t know and how better your kid is than you! :>

Limiting access time and reviewing what is she or he watching, playing or reading is a must and soon you face the problem of remote family control.

Hope that this article will help you in this adventure.

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Deploying a PhoneGap application to iTunes (App Store) [updated]

This article was initially written in June 2015 and generally updated 15 months later so you’ll find information and examples as they were available in mid-August 2016.

This article deals about deploying PhoneGap application to Apple App Store. Question: Is it possible without having a real Mac computer or using Mac-lease-like service? The quick an straight answer is: you can’t do this. It was possible around two years ago, but things has changed and s for now (2015) you must have any of above to submit your application to App Store.

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Getting iCloud ( emails to Gmail

I’ve got an iPad Mini. It looks great (at some points — even fantastic)! But due to my current situation, I’ll stay with my Android and Gmail and will treat iPad as additional toy. At least for a while. Since I still had an empty slot in Gmail to add one another external mail server, from which I want to get all emails, I tried this trick with my iCloud / / Apple ID mailbox. And failed.

If you’re looking for a quick answer to question “How can I sync my iCloud / mailbox in Gmail“, the answer is quick, but you’re not going to like it: You can’t. Fortunately, there’s a workaround to this problem.

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Handling Apple’s .dmg files in Windows

If you just want to look into (or extract) contents of .dmg file, a good, old and free 7-Zip will take care of this. This should also work for Apple .sparseimage files. But, beware that (just like in case of .iso files for Windows) these formats can contain bootable information and or whole disk images (Apple .hps files), rather useless under Windows. So, for example, if someone tell you that he has Windows XP image ready to be used in VirtualPC for Macintosh, keep in mind that you rather won’t be able to use in in Windows version of VirtualPC. Or you’ll have a lot, lot of work with extraction, conversion, tune-up etc.

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