QNAP TS-210: Support, reset and configuration

One of my disk in two-disk stripping array of my ol’ good QNAP TS-210 has failed. I had to do some reasearch to update my knowledge and decided to share it here, to have it handy and hopefully help others.

Here you’ll find some quick details on resetting and configuring your QNAP TS-210 (may also apply to some other models?) and on getting some support, if all else fails.

Resetting and configuring

Default IP address

If your RAID failed (see below), but other parts of QNAP are functional then simply restart your device. Upon full reset, it will detect failed RAID and will send you an e-mail (“QNAP Error”) where you should find your device’s current IP address

If your network has DHCP Server then look in the DHCP table for its MAC address or use QFinder Pro free software from QNAP to locate your box.

If your network has no DHCP Server, the Turbo NAS will use the default IP You can access the Turbo NAS via this IP address. However, you PC’s IP should be in the same subnet. For example,

More info: here.

Default or lost password

If you have changed but forgot, please press the reset button on the back for 3 seconds. After that, a beep sound will be heard.

System administration password will be reset to default: admin.

More info here.

Factory reset

Note that:

  • pressing reset button for 3 second does not mean factory reset,
  • factory reset usually does occur automatically, if one or more of your disk fails.

This only mean a failure of RAID, but whole configuration, login, password, IP address and firmware version should remain unchanged. You must manually perform factory reset in most cases.

More info about various levels of reset and how to perform: here.




If all fails

Google is your god: https://www.qnap.com/en/search?q=TS-210

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