Transfer private MP3 files from PC to iPhone SE 2020

It is not possible to simply copy files from PC to iPhone, over a cable. If you connect your iPhone (or probably any other Apple mobile device) to your PC, you will be only able to access “DCIM” folder and your photos or maybe videos. No way to copy MP3 music or audiobooks.

Using iTunes to achieve above was the simplest and preferred way in my case though this wasn’t as easy process as I expected. And that’s why I decided to wrote this article to let you avoid some bottlenecks.

If you’re looking for some other options or ways, like some non-iTunes way, this is also briefly discussed here.

If you wish to copy MP3 files from a PC to an iPhone via iTunes then it is very important to connect both devices physically at least once. Only then sync via iTunes will be available and possible.

Some additional possibilities:

Here are two example videos (out of thousands out there probably) that describes some of these methods above in some more details:

It is also possible to transfer files via wireless network using AirDrop, however this method seems to be possible only from Mac, not from PC, which is not, what OP is asking for.

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