Compare of some family-like or child-control solutions

Having kids in these digital days may become a challenge. Especially, if you wish your sibling to get their hands on their first device — either a PC, Mac or some mobile stuff. Challenging, because soon you’ll discover how much you don’t know and how better your kid is than you! :>

Limiting access time and reviewing what is she or he watching, playing or reading is a must and soon you face the problem of remote family control.

Hope that this article will help you in this adventure.

Google Family Link


  • You must enroll a brand new child account; can’t bind and existing one!
  • Android 7.0 as minimum requirement

Get it from Google Play.

The first point (in bold) made this product out of discussion as for me, so no more details, sorry.



  • In my opinion a worse business model (from customer perspective):
    • You always has access to all functionalities
    • But free version is limited to single device only
    • Need to protect two or more devices — you always must pay
  • 55 bucks per year for five devices*
  • More devices under protection — monitors certain e-readers as well (Kindle / Nook)
  • Parents application (on parents device) unprotected, kid can access anytime
  • Quite elastic web panel to manage
  • Not many languages supported

*You can save 10 USD when paying for two years in advance (95 USD).

Get it from Google Play or read more here.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Summary — in compare to above:

  • Better business model (true freemium):
    • Limited functionality, but unlimited devices for free
    • Pay up, if you want all functions and all stuff
  • Way cheaper — only 15 bucks per year for unlimited number of devices.
  • Does not support (monitors) e-readers.
  • Parents app secured with PIN what can be a little bit annoying*
  • So far no web panel, just mobile app
  • Many languages supported

*So far I had to enter that damn PIN million of times. No fingerprint support so far.

Limited support for iOS-based mobile devices:

  • No calls or text messages monitoring / blocking
  • Time-based device locking does not work; only message is displayed that time is up
  • The “Panic Button SOS” function is not supported

Get it from Google Play or read more here.

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