Show errors in PhpStorm with one click

I am more a tech writer than a programmer. In every app or service that I use (except PhpStorm) I am get used to the fact that I have to click only one time in order to see some error or problem proposed solutions. This works like that in Word and in dozens of other places.

Being get used to this for past 10+ years, it drives me crazy that in PhpStorm this operations always requires two clicks be default. I.e. you have:

  • Right-click underlined word to open context menu
  • Click Show Context Actions item in that menu

There is no way to change it AFAIK, but I found a nice way to make using of this feature a bit easier.

First thing was to… register a mouse (!) shortcut for this particular feature:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open Settings
  2. Type Show Context Actions to the search box and hit Enter
  3. Right-click an item found in Other and select Add Mouse Shortcut
  4. Assign a Alt+Click shortcut for that item.

Then you can get rid of it. As it is no longer needed:

  1. Clear search box to reset settings to the default view.
  2. Go to Appearance & BehaviorMenus and Toolbars
  3. Unfold Editor Popup Menu and select ShowIntentionsGroup
  4. Click minus icon in the toolbar to remove it

Voilà! That’s all.

Now, I can access resolution list by simply pressing Alt button and clicking underlined element.

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