All Raspberry Pi default logins and passwords

I don’t like unnecessary blah, blah and I don’t like blogs bloated with ads, so I decided to steal this source and transform it into a simple list of default logins and passwords on various Raspberry Pi bases and clones.

All the glory (copyright and authorship) goes to

You read more about users at base Raspberry Pi (no clone) here.

  • Raspberry Pi: pi / raspberry
  • Retropie: pi / raspberry
  • DietPi: root / dietpi
  • Lakka Linux: root / root
  • Kali Linux: root / toor
  • Arch Linux ARM: roor / root
  • Debian: pi / raspberry
  • LibreELEC: root / libreelec
  • OpenELEC: root / openelec
  • OSMC: osmc / osmc
  • QtonPi: root / rootme
  • Ubuntu Server: ubuntu / ubuntu
  • ROKOS: rokos / rokos

Note that there is a root user in most installations of RPi, but it has no password by default and shouldn’t be used at all. You are expected to use pi user (after changing its default password) and elevate it to superuser with sudo su or by casting sudo in front of each console command.

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