Can’t install any font. Windows claims that file is invalid

I just wanted to add my docs a little bit a feel of an old typewrite. I found some cool fonts for that, but — to my extreme surprise — I couldn’t install any of them on one of my Windows 10-based PCs (I did it successfully on two others). With Windows claiming that file is invalid whereas I was 100% sure that files are a correct.

Solutions as weird as enabling Windows firewall or installing a copy of file instead of original one didn’t work for me, so I had to figure out another one.

I managed to do so, but the answer was as weird and scary as Microsoft is — try to get yourself an administrator privileges and for all users instead of current one. Worked for me!

Double-clicking on a .ttf file ends with:

Right-clicking on .ttf file and selecting Install ends with:

Right-clicking on .ttf file and selecting Install for all users:

enter image description here

does the magic!

Don’t ask me, why? Unless you want to hear the old, good “Hey, it’s Microsoft!” answer…

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