A Farewell to Arms in Puzzle Forge 2

I have finally said “good bye” to the Puzzle Forge 2 game. My decision was made because:

While doing above, I managed to capture some interesting (?) screenshots that I’d like to share here.

Legendary weapons

When it comes to legendary weapons, by a complete accident I managed to create two Chuen’s Spears

…and two Omens’ Swords:

And here is some another cool screenshot — preparation into making of Pegasus Armor (as you can learn from this post, you need a special preparation in order to craft this legendary weapon):

And some final screenshot — six legendary weapons (out of forty) in a single pocket:

That was pretty much all about legendary weapons in Puzzle Forge 2.

Google Play Games

And as for other stats, I have managed to get all the Google Play Games’ achievements from this game and I also created some really cool weapons:

In addition, I’ve got a pretty nice high score in highest (netherium) tournament league and have reached level 50 in game (and, as you can see in the background, I’ve also nearly hit 100k in gold):

That was the moment when I decided that it is time to say “hasta la vista, baby”! :>

Full pocket

As you play Puzzle Forge 2, game becomes more and more boring because of a wrong in-game economics. This causes you to have an enormous amounts of gold that you will never spend and a huge pile of junk in your pocket that you will never use.

I decided to not paste relates screenshots here to not make this article too long. Please, refer to this section of my [another article about Puzzle Forge 2 game](http://onezeronull.com/2019/03/14/simple-ways-and-mistakes-to-ruin-a-gameplay-in-your-game/] for some more details.


Last, but not least, some stats. Pretty self-explanatory:

Some excerpt:

  • all the best weapons are netherium-based,
  • crafted all the legendary weapons,
  • sell bonus of +0.6% due to 53th difficulty level reached,
  • reached 16th level of quest here, now, and 29th when playing three years ago,
  • completed weapons catalogue (only to get corresponding Google Play Game’s achievement),
  • crafted 2174 weapons (again, only to get corresponding Google Play Game’s achievement),
  • 284 grilled sausages (I hate these stupid morons!), mostly by using a bomb, not by crafting a weapon,

Not every of my customer (fourth tab) was 100% satisfied, because many times I force-ended game which caused me to loose 5 popularity points for each not served customer.

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