Real APK Leecher

Real APK Leecher is a great tool that allows you to download offline versions (installers) of all your Android’s (Google Play) applications, even paid ones. As good as any other free. For what purpose? Why this is obvious. You can finally install any APK you want on any Android-based device without need to provide your Google login and password. You won’t be able to update them automatically though, but who cares? You can always use this piece of software again to get the newest version as offline installer.

The biggest fuckup is the fact, that Real APK Leecher stores your Google account’s password in plain, unencrypted file. Just take a look at the end of app.config file created after saving login data. So, always remove this file, if you’re using this program on shared computer or you’re willing to backup your settings!

Real APK Leecher v1.3.5 requires Java Runtime Environment in at least version 1.5.

Now, how to use Real APK Leecher. First of all, beside login and password to your Google account, you have to also provide a device ID. It is sixteen characters long hex number, so it may contain numbers from 0-9 range and letters from a-f range. As far as I know, it can be any Android-based device’s ID, not necessarily the one, where you’re going to install your software.

Get it, by installing app like Device ID or by typing *#*#8255#*#* on your phone, as a phone number, scrolling down about two screens, until you find ### Main Endpoint ### section, in which you’ll find Device ID field. Enter only letters and numbers, without android- in the beginning. Set other options and hit Save. You can always access this window from Edit > Option and change these settings.

This software is proven to work like a charm, so — exactly, as its author wrote — check the device ID ten times before complaining, why it doesn’t work.

An error message, saying about problems connecting server are related to (probably not working) Real APK Leecher’s update service. It is not related to Google Play itself, so you may ignore it. After you add or change your login, password and device ID, search for anything using search box and try to download any application. Only Successful download means, that you provided all three parameters correctly. There are reports, that you’re even able to browse (search) for applications with incorrect device ID (though list of search apps differes from search result for the same search query, when searched with correct device ID) and only being unable to download any application means, that there’s something wrong with your credentials.

As far as I know, when you have Real APK Leecher correctly configured, you can download any aplication from Google Play. You’re not limited only to those applications, you’ve once installed. And — as I wrote above — you’re not limited to only devices you’ve registered with your Google Play account. You can use any Android-based device ID. The only limit is, that you can’t download so called “system apps” (or system key signed apps). For example, I was only able to download Google Drive, Google Goggles and Google Translate. All other Google-like applications were not available.

Don’t change default language in settings to anything else than English. If you do, you’ll see many application names translated horribly by Google Translate into selected langage, which is often very confusing.

To download an application (or its icon) make sure it is correctly selected on search results list (background color of entire line changed) and make use of dropdown menu.

Real APK Leecher contains additional features for mass download and mass application update (Scan Folder option), but I haven’t been using them, so I can’t say nothing. For me an abillity to download installable version of my apps is all I need.

You can get this program from Google Project Hosting and on you’ll find it’s semi-official forum for this piece of software.

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