Access USB and mobile Internet on LG GT540

For my mobile application’s testing purposes, I’ve purchased an old, creepy LG GT540 with Android 3.2.1 CyanogenMod 7. I’ve got a lot of troubles with USB and mobile Internet on this phone (first time happened to me, all other mobile devices with Android on board had USB and Internet ready out-of-the-box). So I wanted to share some things and solutions for others.

As for USB, this is my only phone that requires extra driver in Windows system to be detected as external USB storage. It is said, that all LGs follows this fuckup.Without additional driver your Windows remains deaf for your LG connected phone. Look around for “LG United Mobile USB Driver” (get it for example directly from here or pick it up from this list) or something similar, download and install.

If you have Cyanogen mod installed on this phone, keep in mind, that Cyanogen mod developers are complete morons, so you’re forced to tap OK in stupid dialog box, each time you connect your phone to a PC, to confirm that you understand that connecting phone will disable certain USB and SD related functions. How couldn’t you understand it after reading this hundred of times or more?

As for mobile Internet, it isn’t that simple, because there could be a variety of reasons, why you don’t have access to it. In my case, it was APN setting with last parameter (APN type). It must be set to default, when you’re using Cyanogen mod or any other mod. Many mobile carriers doesn’t have dedicated APN settings set for modded phones and instead gives you the one for pure-Google Android, in which case APN type is set to internet. This was wrong in my case.

Also notice, that there is a slight difference between Authentication type and most other parameters. In case of many mobile carriers, you have to leave most parameters not set (default state), that is do not enter antything. But for Authentication type default state is also not set and it must be changed to none in many cases. It is easy to omit this little thing, if some APN settings will use none for all other parameters, instead of not set value.

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