Keyboard shortcuts for Kindle 4

For people, that uses their Kindles really hard, had them rooted and do all the magic around, this post might be more than painful obvious. For me — just a simple reader, who uses Kindle only for really reading some books, from time to time, finding these shortcuts was not that easy, so I decided to write them down, at least for my personal use.

You can hold keyboard key and press some others to get some extra results. For example:

  • keyboard + any key to switch between uppercase and lowercase,

  • keyboard + back to force screen refresh; useful on reading comics or when auto-refresh is turned off,

  • keyboard + left / right (on 5-way controller) to make editing cursor “jump” seven characters forward or backward,

  • keyboard + previous page (only on left Kindle side) works like backspace — i.e. deletes a character,

  • keyboard + next page (only on right Kindle side) quickly enters a space.

You can also hold keyboard + MENU to make a screenshot. Your Kindle screen should blink or flicker and picture of your current screen state should be written into Documents folder on your Kindle device.

Notice: Disabling (in Kindle settings) auto page refreshment on each navigation is pretty much like deciding, which pixels (e-ink pearls) should be refreshed when screen changes. If you let it enabled (default setting), every pixel will be refreshed upon navigation. If you disable it, only pixels that are part of next coming image (page) will be refreshed. Other will remain in previous state, which may occasionally lead into screen garbage. Pressing keyboard + back to force whole screen refresh is a solution in this case.

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