Object-oriented plugin template for WordPress

I love WordPress, but the worst thing about it is that it is written with the most shitty code, I have ever seen.

WordPress development started years ago, and though during past years object-oriented programming has become de facto standard, WordPress still remains full of shit code and shitfull coding techniques. I can understand it about core code. After all — rewriting whole WordPress to OOP could be too big piece of cake. But I completely can’t understand it, why plugin’s authors follows this and write their plugins with pretty much the same shit code?

In this situation, any attempt of making things better is very welcomed (at least by me). The Object Oriented Plugin Template Solution plugin (or actually — plugin template), I ran into today, sounds like such promising star in a dark, dully sky of shit-code.

I recommend this plugin template to every WordPress plugin author. Even though it’s pretty new (published today) it looks very, very promising.

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