Synchronize directories in Total Commander ignoring certain files

The Synchronize directories tool in Total Commander is magnificent and I’m using it very often for all my backup-like and sync-like works. The only thing, that I was missing is an ability to ignore hidden system files or files stored in .svn or .git folders, i.e. hidden version control files. So, I wrote to Total Commander’s author and received immediate response, that this is possible.

If you wish to ignore system or hidden files and folders, you can try the SyncHideHiddenSystem option in wincmd.ini. Setting it to 2 should solve the problem. See Total Commander help for details on what other values are available and what is the meaning of each of value for this parameter.

You can also sync local version of remote repositories in SVN or Git version control system. For this purpose you must force Total Commander to completely ignore .svn or .git folder in current folder and in all subfolders, that are being synced. To achieve this, replace *.* pattern in middle field between two path fields in Synchronize directories tool’s window with:

  • for SVN: *.* | .svn,
  • for Git: *.* | .git.

With this change you can easily compare and sync two local working copies of the same (or different) remote repository without any fear, that Total Commander will touch any sensitive file during sync process.

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