Correct wallpaper dimensions for different Android-based devices

Even prettiest wallpapers looks pretty ugly when stretched by Android to fit different device screen size. Either used algorithm is poor or I have too high expectations, but most of my Windows wallpapers look like a real crap, when copied to Android and used there as that system wallpaper. Some idea is to prepare own set of wallpapers, especially fit to your device screen size. For this purpose it is good to know, how to calculate it.

The algorithm is pretty simple. You have to take your device screen dimensions in portait mode in pixels and double width, leaving height intact. Keep in mind that we’re talking about portrait orientation (not landscape like in case of any computer wallpaper) so higher number (size) will always be second.

My devices

Below, you’ll find some examples. Read the note below, if you’re using Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
    • screen: 4,65″ HD, 720×1280 px,
    • wallpaper: 1440×1280 px (see end of list).
  2. Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab:
    • screen: 7″ WSVGA, 600×1024 px,
    • wallpaper: 1200×1024 px.
  3. HDC S8 / S2:
    • screen: 4.3″ WVGA, 480×800 px,
    • wallpaper: 960×800 px.
  4. GSmart Rola G1317D:
    • screen: 3.2″ WQVGA, 240×400 px,
    • wallpaper: 480×400 px.

Note, that Nexus has Android 4.0 on-board, which introduced a bit different (against the one in 2.3.x version) wallpaper selection and cropping mechanism. If you actually want to see whole picture in portrait mode, you must prepare a much bigger photo, even twice as big. And you’ll never see the same image (or part of it) in both portrait and landscape mode. Thanks to “cross-like” wallpaper cropping.

Other devices

Here is the list of other popular screen resolutions along with wallpaper size (in brackets) and some device examples:
– QVGA 240×320 (480×320) — HTC Wildfire, SE X10 Mini, Mini Pro or Motorola Flipout,
– WQVGA 240×400 (480×400) — Samsung i5800 or GSmart Rola G1317D,
– HVGA 320×480 (640×480) — HTC Dream, Hero, Magic, Legend, Samsung i5700, i7500, LGGT540, P500 or SE X8,
– WVGA 480×800 (960×800) — HTC Desire HD, Z, Samsung i9000, Nexus S or ZTE Blade,
– qHD 540×960 (1080×960) — MotorolaAtrix 4G, RAZR, HTC Sensation or Evo 3D,
– FWVGA 480×854 (960×854) — Motorola Millestone, Millestone2, Defy or SE X10,
– SVGA 600×800 (1200×800) — Odys LOOX or Pantech Pocket,
– WSVGA 600×1024 (1200×1024) — Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab,
– HD720 720×1280 (1440×1280) — LG Nitro HD, Nokia N8 or Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD.

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