Remote access directly from your browser — SSH and RD in Chrome?

Well, I’ll be honest. I personally dislike (sometimes even hate) all these things, fireworks, plugins, tools and other kind of addings, people adds to their browsers. I can’t understand (or even imagine) where there is a fun to play a game or draw some pictures in browsers. It is even a bit irritiating, as Google gives us everything in their products and soon, we won’t be using anything else.

But, for Chrome extensions, I must admit, that I made an exception. Mainly because these exts I’m using (from time to time, let’s be honest) have actually nothing to do with the browsers and browsing the Internet. Each time I’m using them, I’m asking myself: is it still a simple webbrowser or does Chrome magically changed into a home or work command center, from which you can do nearly anything?

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Sending *.exe files through GMail and other mail servers

As for right know (when anything goes web and desktop applications are nearly dead) there aren’t many situations, when you would like to send an *.exe file as an attachment. But, suppose you want. Then you, the good question, is how to do this? Well… in general, you can’t do that. Gmail itself will block you from sending an EXE file directly or ZIP archive containing it. Saying that it did so, for the security reasons. And, even if you pass it over (see below), most mail servers will block you from delivering such contents to mailboxes operated on this or that server.

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