Remote access directly from your browser — SSH and RD in Chrome?

Well, I’ll be honest. I personally dislike (sometimes even hate) all these things, fireworks, plugins, tools and other kind of addings, people adds to their browsers. I can’t understand (or even imagine) where there is a fun to play a game or draw some pictures in browsers. It is even a bit irritiating, as Google gives us everything in their products and soon, we won’t be using anything else.

But, for Chrome extensions, I must admit, that I made an exception. Mainly because these exts I’m using (from time to time, let’s be honest) have actually nothing to do with the browsers and browsing the Internet. Each time I’m using them, I’m asking myself: is it still a simple webbrowser or does Chrome magically changed into a home or work command center, from which you can do nearly anything?

Secure Shell

Get it from Chrome Web Store.

It is an SSH client build into your browser. I’m not too experienced SSH user, so I can’t evaluate it’s features and usefullness, but as for me it is quite perfect. I personally dislike the idea of dropping PuTTy, that I was using ever since I was born. But, to be honest, Google “formatted” me to the way of thinking, that synchronization is a key of life.

So, the only thing I personally lack in PuTTy is the fact, that I have to manually replicate all my SSH conections, and all changes I done to them, on each copy of my PuTTy, on each computer. Chrome’s Secure Shell extensions solves that problem for me, as I can write each session details as simple Chrome bookmark. Which is then synced as all other my bookmarks, through Google Account.

Plus the idea, that one day it could be available to Mobile Chrome…

Remote Desktop

Get it from Chrome Web Store or from Chrome Remote Desktop web page.

This is another extension, that provides features, that has noting to do with web browsing in my opinion. And another tool, that let’s you uninstall on of your programs from your computer. This one currently let you control other machines remotely.

I must admit, that I was quite surprised on quality of this tool. For me, it was the only option, as I find any *VLC related software as a really bad idea (awfully slow, making incredible mess and bandwith usage in network) and I can’t afford for TeamViewer. So, when it turned out, the only option, I assumed, that I’ll have to learn myself living with it, even if it will luck some functionality. But, it turned out that it lacks nothing. Is just as good and as simple in the same moment, as all Google solutions and products.

So… Start > Control Panel > Programs & Functions and… another one is going to be uninstalled. Saddly, another part of my soul has been sold to devil (ups… I mean… to Google).

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