Nearly completely free PHP hosting forever with InfinityFree

Looking for some free hosting for my very simple test project, I have stepped into InfinityFree offer.

They’re probably the best in the entire universe, because they bring you a fabulous offer (nearly free forever, absolutely no ads or obligations, no credit card or this kind if stuff, no caps). But… please, read the below carefully, before actually opening a champagne bottle…

There are no ads in the websites that you host, however control panel is so bloated with them in free version that you can surely get a headache really quickly! :)

Yes, it seems that they are free forever, giving you:

  • 5 GB disk space
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited hosted domains

But in this free version it has no self-hosted email accounts and mail() support is TURNED OFF.

In other words, in a completely free version of PHP hosting at InfinityFree you may only host webpage that does not need to send any email.

Because every serious script, page or web app sends emails (during registration etc.) this option is virtually useless (unless you are hosting HTML pages).

But (!)…

Their smallest paid hosting is $2.50 / month only, billed yearly ($30).

This is cheaper than smallest Amazon Lightsail option ($3.50 / month) while it is still a pre-configured shared hosting (not virtual server, as in case of AmL, that you have to take care yourself of).

It comes with everything out-of-the-box, including Python, Node.js, remote MySQL and full DNS support.

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