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  1. cBr

    Shorter version:
    or (for Excel 2021 or Office 365):

    You have to remember one thing: if you have workbook with only one sheet and sheet’s name and workbook’s filename (without extension) are the same, the CELL(“filename”) formula will return full path to workbook file without sheet’s name. In this case all above formulas will return errors.

  2. Pedro L Enderica

    Hey man, I found your comment on stack overflow about needing to install drivers aftwr doing a system image copy. I found a solution where you can install drivers from the menu in safe boot “System Restore from a media” or something like that. Basically it looks for a restore and you hit cancel and then advanced and you can browse a file explorer. As long as you have the right .inf files downloaded you can install them and it should work.

    I will also add that i made a fresh install of windows on that machine and updated to find out what drivers that particular machine was using. Separately I thought about running the windows wlan .exe from the safe boot cmd but the first one worked so I never tried it. I couldn’t comment on the post because I don’t have 50 karma or whatever stack overflow uses lol.

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