Fix for up-side down duplex scanning in WIA

When scanning using WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) through certain apps (NAPS2 — Not Another PDF Scanner 2 in my case) and on certain scanners (Canon MX920 in my case), you may run into situation where all odd pages are scanned up-side down. Even though they’re all fed correctly to the ADF:

This is certainly not your software problem and most likely not WIA’s one, but probably comes from the fact how your scanner driver “talks” through WIA to your scanning software.

Fortunately, fix is very simple.

You just need to enable one option in WIA configuration.

In case of NAPS2 — Not Another PDF Scanner 2 follow these steps:

  1. Click Profiles and select scanner
  2. Click Edit and then Advanced
  3. Check the Flip duplexed pages checkbox
  4. Click OKOKDone to confirm

Like that:

If you are using different scanning software then accessing this option may need some other steps. But generally it should be named the same or similarly. As this comes from WIA layer, not from scanning app.

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