PayPal exchange rates

It is very surprising that it is so hard to find actual PayPal exchange rates.

If you search the net for this query, you’ll find a bunch of useless results. With the one pointing you directly to PayPal page titled “Where can I find PayPal’s currency calculator and exchange rates?“. It tells you to go to Wallet and click Currency Calculator. This is completely pointless page, not updated for many years (shame, PayPal!). Currency calculator is gone and no longer available in the Wallet for years.

Finally, I have found a webpage that can do the actual currency conversion using PayPal exchange rates!

It is in here:

It is a Polish version of the first page that still contains a live calculator (removed from the English version).

It uses Polish language, but fields are pretty self-explanatory (source country, currency and transaction type + destination country, currency and amount.

Example usage:

The most important part of this tool is that it calculates transaction amount perfectly. My bank was charged by PayPal with the exact money as given here, to the second fraction digit.

For a source country (Z Twojego kraju/regionu) and currency (Z Twojej waluty) you must always set your bank’s main currency. The destination country (Do kraju lub regionu sprzedającego) as you can see can be ignored. And the destination currency (Na walutę transakcji) and transaction amount (Kwota transakcji) must be always said to the actual transaction details (what you are about to see). The transaction type (Typ transakcji) must be set to Zakupy i płatności (purchases and payments).

Even this is in Polish (English version of this page doesn’t have this calculator anymore), it should be fairly easy to be used by non-Polish speaker. The biggest problem is to figure out your country name in Polish though! :)

There’s a bug in this form (PayPal is generally a buggy thing) about decimal separator. We use comma in Polish (,). But here you must use English one — a dot (.) — even though this form is in Polish. If you use an incorrect one you’ll see a stupid message saying that your selected currency is not supported for the selected country!

Try to replicate the above example form exactly and it will work just fine. Then change the currency amount from 150 → 150,50 (using comma as decimal separator) and to your extreme surprise you’ll learn that France doesn’t support payments in Euros in PayPal. Even though France hass Euro as a main currency for 20 years! :)

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