Print two A5 pages on singe A4 paper sheet

Suppose you have a Microsoft Word document that is formatted to be printed on A5 pages. For any reason (you don’t have A5 page, you want to save paper etc.) you want to print it so that two A5 pages will appear next to each other on single A4 page.

On contrary to common beliefs this is not as easy as selecting 2 Pages Per Sheet because, without additional settings, your printer will be still asking you to feed it with A5 paper.

It’s not that easy, but the solution is still surprisingly simple.

This article is specific to (ISO 216 standard) paper size standard and for printing two A5 pages on one A4 sheet. But the very same steps should theoretically work in every scenario where you want to print two half-sized pages on single page format that is twice as big. Thus, printing (plotting?) two B3 pages on one huge B2 poster should work. Or printing two Letter-sized pages (216 × 279 mm) on one Ledger page (432 × 279 mm).


  1. Your document is formatted on A5 page size / paper type
  2. Your printer is fed with A4 paper type

Hit Ctrl+P and then:

  1. Set Portrait Orientation
  2. Make sure that A5 is set as the paper size
  3. Select 2 Pages per Sheet in the last dropdown
  4. Click Scale to Paper Size menu item and select A4.

Or (picture worth thousand words):

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