Enable System UI Tuner on Android 11 and 10

System UI Tuner is gone from Android 11 and 10? Long-pressing config gear gives no effect? You no longer can control what (and how) is displayed in your status bar in Android device?

Well… not quite. It is still there. Only some weird person decided to remove access shortcut to it.

And you need to recreate it:

  • an activity in Nova Launcher, if you’re using it,
  • a Tasker script, if you are using it,
  • a standalone app, if none of above works for you.

The need of installing a 3rd party app only to enable some existing feature is as weird as it can be.

But, hey!, it Android, right?

Nova Launcher

The best Android launcher ever. If you disagree, simply install it and activate just for this operation:

  1. Press and hold the home screen and select Widgets
  2. Pick Nova Launcher widget (usually at the very top of the list)
  3. Select Widgets –> Activities.
  4. Search for the System UI option.
  5. Pick it and choose System UI Demo Mode.

A new app activity shortcut will create on the home screen. Launch it and you’re done. Now, you have a handy access to System UI Tuner whenever you need it.

Source: “Root My Galaxy: Steps to Enable System UI Tuner on Android 11, 10, and 9 Pie” (October 29, 2020)


Configure Tasker to execute new activity:

System UI Tuner
Abort Existing Task
A1: Launch App
Package/App Name: System UI:System UI demo mode
Exclude From Recent Apps: Off
Always Start New Copy: Off

If you’re on Android device and have a Tasker already installed, you can get this activity by tapping on this link.

Source: “Reddit: Android 10 System UI Tuner Access via Tasker” (July 26, 2020)

Google Play

If none of above works, you can try some apps that were created especially for this reason:

…and probably a lot more out there.

Let me repeat myself. It is insane to install a 3rd party app only to enable an existing Android feature.

One comment on “Enable System UI Tuner on Android 11 and 10

  1. Robyn Campbell

    I’m on a S22 Ultra.
    I have spent more time than Id like to admit searching, reading, installing and uninstalling all to locate, open, find, the system ui tuner on my S22 Ultra cellphone.
    From the nova launcher the above suggestions to all suggested online ( I found to date) not one works with my cellphone.
    I have said numerous times it’s crazy what one goes through to attempt to have total control of their own cellphone.
    Even though none worked for me I am further ahead than I was. Thank you for the read and the suggestions.

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