How to reset PIN in Samsung Smart TV

If need to reset your Samsung Smart TV to default values or you’re trying to do some other administrator-level operations then you will most likely hit a screen asking you to provide PIN number:

Was it 0987? :>

The default out-of-the-box PIN for all Samsung Smart TVs is 1111 or 0000.

If none of above is working then you might need to reset it.

Standard procedure includes:

  • turn of TV to stand-by mode (thus, don’t pull of the cord),
  • use standard TV remote controller (in case your TV shipped with “smart” one as well),
  • press quickly following key combination: mute + 8 + 2 + 4 + power on.

This was verified under my 5+ years old Samsung 50HU6900 (Samsung Smart TV Series 6), but is supposed to be working on every Samsung TV and every serie of Samsung Smart TVs.

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