My most popular filename patterns in MusicBrainz Picard

I am using free and powerful MusicBrainz Picard program to clean-up my entire MP3 files collection.

Aside of actual job (pooling MusicBrainz database and fixing, sorting, correcting and cleaning-up tags in your music files), it can also rename actual files on your disk in the same time.

The thing is that it uses a very complex filename pattern by default, while I am using something as simple as:

%artist% - %title%
$num(%tracknumber%,2). %title%

First for standard files and second for parts of albums. Thus, I have written them down here to keep in mind.

To enable automatic filenames renaming mechanism in MusicBrainz Picard:

  1. Check Options > Rename files.
  2. Go to Options > Options… > File Naming.
  3. Check Rename files when saving.
  4. Add any filename rename pattern to Name files like this field.
  5. Hit Make It So! to confirm.

That’s pretty much everything, folks… Happy tag’s correcting in your MP3 files!

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