Photos made with Galaxy J5 seems not rotated in IrfanView

There’s a known (yet very strange) bug in IrfanView, which causes photos made with Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) to stay in original rotation. Since this occurs only:

  • in IrfanView (images are actually rotated and appears correctly in all other media browsers) and
  • only for photos made by Samsung Galaxy J5 (images made by other phones are unaffected)

this issue may simply be ignored by most of the users. However, I decided to write it here, as this seems to be an interesting (yet weird) IT issue.

Here is a sample. Exactly the same file opened in Microsoft Paint and in IrfanView (in the same time):

It seems that IrfanView operates on some kind of image cache and it remains unaffected by actual rotation.

To reproduce this issue follow these steps:

  1. Copy some photo made with Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) to your PC.
  2. Open it in IrfanView.
  3. Hit R or L to rotate image.
  4. Hit Ctrl+S to save the image, pick location and confirm save with Enter.
  5. Open saved image again in IrfanView and in some other photo editor or media browser and compare results.


  • since image is actually rotated, verify rotation in i.e. Microsoft Paint and simply ignore the issue or
  • save image in IrfanView to any other format (i.e. .bmp), rotate it and save it back to .jpg.

I tired to contact IrfanView’ author and main developer to report this issue, but my contact failed. E-mail remained without any answer.

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