Always display certain pages in mobile mode

I pretty much like and enjoy Wikipedia in mobile version, even when browsing it on desktop PC. I would like to see it that way anytime. I asked about this on two Stack Exchange sites and got a great answers that this is possible both in Wikipedia itself and in browser.

The second solution maybe thus used for virtually any website, not just for Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia solution assumes:

  • logging-in to your account,
  • going to Preferences (top-right links) > Appearance and
  • selecting MinervaNeue layout as value in Skin section.

Finally you have to confirm changes by hitting Save button below. All the details can be found here.

The browser-based solution assumes finding correct plugin for your browser:

And then configuring it to match your needs (i.e. Permanent Spoof list in case of Chrome). Details are here.

You can, of course, resign from using any of above methods and manually change each Wikipedia’s URL that you’re accessing by adding .m after language ID. I.e. turning into For example, accessing instead of

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