Tasker: An ultimate automation tool for Android

Meet Tasker, a state-of-art automation tool for Android that can:

  • turn on GPS when Google Maps starts; turn it off when Google Maps closes,
  • show a list of your music apps when you plug in headphones,
  • turn off pattern lock while on home WiFi,
  • read incoming text messages aloud,
  • even more,
  • a lot of more,
  • even a lot of more.

It isn’t free (of course!). I costs… 5 bucks. But it is worth every damn cent spent on it!

And, if above is still not enough for you…

…then let me tell you that you can even create a standalone applications with it.

And since Tasker is not required after app creation process is completed, you can create your own mobile application without a bit of programming skills. And your app can be distributed or sold (e.g. on Play Store).

Some resources to consider:

An somewhat alternative to Tasker is Locale which is even more expensive and offers a way a lot less functionality, but can be used even on very, very old devices with Android 2.3.5 version — which may be a key argument for some.

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