Limit Android-based device functionality to an absolute minimum

If you ever need to turn some Android-based device (like a spare tablet) into single-function device (like auto-started browser with precisely selected website and all other functions disabled) then there’s a great article at Android Enthusiasts that explains in quick, sharp words, what you need to achieve this (some time and cash).

This solution assumes some obvious things:

  • auto-starting a web browser when device is restarted,
  • showing web browser in full screen mode,
  • auto-navigating it to certain webpage,

and even more radical ones:

  • limiting web browser (and entire device) to just a single domain,
  • disabling other features and functions like SMS, MMS, email etc.,
  • changing boot logo of the device.

First three, less radical things may be achieved on nearly every device with just some changes in configuration (of device and web browser) and with some few bucks investments for purchasing required applications.

More radical ones require you to root your device.

I have found this article so worthy that I spared my (otherwise small) reputation to thank author for writing it.

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