Rename mobile device in Windows 7

I’m testing my mobile applications on various number of mobile devices with Windows Phone system on-board. And Windows 7’s creators are stupid enough to develop this feature in the way, that all Windows Phone-based devices are named Windows Phone. Eventually, I ended up with four different mobile phones listed in Devices and Printers section under Windows Phone name. I needed a way to rename each of them to display correct model.

This is possible in Windows 7 and this is fairly easy, though pretty nice hidden, so some may claim that renaming mobile device is not possible.

Some devices in Devices and Printers` section of Control Panel can be renamed as easily as selecting them and pressing F2. This method works for certain computer accessories like mouses, keyboards etc.

Some others may be renamed by righ-clicking device, selecting Properties from context menu and renaming device in displayed window. This method works for most printers (you need to select Printer properties from context menu instead) and for some other hardware.

None of these methods works for mobile phones.

To rename such device you have to:

  1. Double-click it in Devices and Printers section.
  2. Click Change general settings.
  3. Rename device in Device name.
  4. Click OK to confirm.

Using the same screen you can also set default (after USB connection) action for this device and block Windows from displaying notifications for it on the Windows taskbar.

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