Extremely fast way to download a Facebook video

There’s an extremely fast, two-step way to download any Facebook video to your local computer. You don’t need any software or 3rd party website. You don’t actually need anything, except for the any web browser and Facebook account, you’ll be logged-in to. Downloading any Facebook video in just 10 seconds! Impossible?

All you need to do is:

  1. Open mobile version of Facebook video in your browser (paste video’s URL to address bar, replacing www part with m).
  2. Play the video, right-click it and select Save target as... / Save Link As / Save as etc. from context menu.

That’s all! You must be logged-in to any Facebook account or else you will be redirected to Facebook login page.

Source for this method is this YouTube video tutorial. It is only 1:37 long, so go ahead, if you need pictures! :]

When you start it, you’ll see some notice about an updated version of this guide, with a link to another video, this time 4:24 long. Too much, as for me! :] So, I simply ignored it, as the first guide worked just like a charm.

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