Fix problems with sudoers or file on QNAP

Root / power-user configuration on QNAP devices is a little bit different (quite weird) than this, what you can find on most Unix/ Linux systems. And sometimes you may be hit with error messages like “admin is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported“, “ must be owned by uid 0” etc. Here are some tips on what to do in this case.

For second error, claiming that file uid isn’t 0, first go to folder containing this file (/opt/libexec/ on QNAP TS-210) and ls -ls to check, who is current user of it. It should be admin:administ (actually admin:administrators, but ls -ls chops names to 8 characters).

If it isn’t, change ownership of this file and /opt/etc/sudoers folder, by executing:

chown admin:administrators /opt/libexec/
chown admin:administrators /opt/etc/sudoers

As for first error, saying, that admin is not in the sudoers file, you may try to execute sudo usermod -aG sudo,adm admin, but this will most likely fail on QNAP.

If it does, then fix this manually as described in here:

  1. Execute visudo command to edit /opt/etc/sudoers.tmp file.
  2. Scroll down contents of this file, until you reach root ALL=(ALL) ALL.
  3. Hit Enter to add a new line below and write admin ALL=(ALL) ALL.
  4. Hit Esc, enter wq and hit Enter to save file and exit forsakend vi editor.

This is the only solution, that I found working on my QNAP TS-210.

All others, that required using GRUP, were impossible, as you don’t have access to GRUP during QNAP boot.

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