Triple Town

Just wanted to share a couple of cool and not-so-cool screenshots about my favourite game.

Well… I think, I can call it a favourite game given the fact that I’ve been playing it for four years in a row (and another four years from time to time — update from 2021).

Lightning Castle and Floating Towers

5×5 Lightning Castle

In case you wouldn’t believe it… yes!… it is possible to get a Lightning Castle on a 5×5 board in practice mode:

Five Lightning Castles!

And… yes… it is possible to create five Lightning Castles in a single game!

When I am looking at this, I can’t believe myself that there was no Paint / Photoshop in here, but yes, I did it. Pure math (see below) says that I’d have to merge nearly 45 000 pieces of grass to get to five Lightning Castles from the very grounds (roots). Actually, it was much easier, but still quite a pice of work.

Enhanced Floating Tower

If you combine three buildings of lower rank, you’ll get one building of higher rank. That’s the clue of the game and that’s the source of its name — Triple Town.

The sequence is quite long (and irritating for some):

  • three pieces of grass –> one bush
  • three bushes –> one tree
  • three trees –> one cottage
  • three cottages –> one single family house
  • three of above –> one multi-family house
  • three of those –> one castle
  • three castles –> one Floating Tower
  • four Floating Towers –> one Lightning Castle

The last one is a kind of exception, probably to make game harder / longer.

You can always combine four (five in case of Floating Tower) or more objects of lower rank to get single enhanced object of higher rank. This gives you a slightly different image and also grants you with a bit bigger amount of points.

As you can see, getting from a grass to Floating Tower is a time-consuming process. No one would actually care about combining four castles into enhanced Floating Tower, right? :)


Kill Frenzy!

There’s one (among many) high ranked achievement of killing at least 12 bears in a single move.

I’ve set myself a goal of kill as much as possible in one shot and ended up with… eighteen! :>


When it comes to achievements, Megapolis is the largest city structure that I ever managed to build.

Boom Town

This is a special mode for all those crazy freaks that gives you two minutes plus a really cool stuff (crystals… lots of crystals!) and asks you how many points and multiplier you can reach to?

My life-long record is 10.8x and over 2.5 million points earned in just two minutes.

There’s another part of the stats. How fast you’ll get wasted?

In this category my personal record is… 9 seconds. I needed less than ten seconds in order to totally mess up the entire board and end the crazy Boom Town mode game! :>

That’s all! Got to go…

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