Get file’s local path from its URL

I needed some nifty solution in Yii2 that would allow me to delete an image (a file) no matter, if:

  • I have an URL that points to it, used by regular user in a browser,
  • I have a local path on server, used internally by my Yii application.

Here it is.

Suppose that I have an image:

And this image is assigned to some model that I want to delete:

$someModel->image_url = ''

Then in beforeDelete() I have:


Which code is:

* Delete files based on either URL or an actual path to file on server
* This function will detect whether $pathOrUrl is a path or URL address
* @param string|array $pathOrUrl Path (or table of paths) to a file on server
*                                or an URL of a file to be deleted.
* @return boolean true, if file was successfully deleted.
public function imageDelete($pathOrUrl)
    if (is_array($pathOrUrl)) {
        foreach ($pathOrUrl as $file) {
    else $this->imageDelete($pathOrUrl);

Where getImagePathFromUrl() does the magic:

* Returns path to pliku which we can later use i.e. to delete it.
* Path is resolved out of URL that points to file.
* @return string Server-side path to a file
public function getImagePathFromUrl($fileUrl)
    $fileName = basename($fileUrl);
    $dirName = basename(pathinfo($fileUrl, PATHINFO_DIRNAME));
    $imageUploadDirPath = Yii::getAlias('@upload') . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . static::$imageUploadDir;

    return $imageUploadDirPath . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $dirName . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $fileName;

This allows me to delete files in both scenarios (referenced locally and via URL).

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